Cherry Originals
Cherry Originals: A Next-Generation NFT Standard

What is an NFT?

The word fungible is a synonym for interchangeable. For example, Bitcoins are fungible. If you and I each have a Bitcoin and we swap them, nothing has really changed. NFTs are just the opposite - each token has a unique digital signature that differentiates it from every other token.
This feature has allowed for several new use cases and innovations, such as:
● Tokenized digital trading cards
● Tokenized digital art
● Tokenized ownership of real world assets
The NFT standard commonly used by Ethereum projects is called ERC-721. When Cherry set out to develop the NFT standard that will be used on our blockchain, we kept several properties of ERC-721 while adding additional properties and features which will expand the possibilities for NFTs, especially for use in blockchain gaming.

Cherry Originals

We designed Cherry Originals to have seven key attributes:
Originals can be owned by a single address, or have no owner and be ‘up for grabs’. It is also possible for an address to voluntarily drop or give up ownership.
Originals can be sold to transfer ownership, or ‘adopted’ if they have no current owner.
Originals can own and/or wear other Originals. For example, your character in a Role Playing Game can be an NFT, which is able to wear other NFTs as equipment.
Originals can evolve over time, for example they can ‘level up’, get stronger, or even transform to a more powerful form after they acquire enough experience. This feature also allows for items that can degrade, or have a set number of uses from self-destructing.
Originals can be embedded with logic by app developers. This allows them to code both object properties (like weight, durability, bonuses, etc.) and also rules (for example, a character can wear a suit of armor but a suit of armor can’t wear a character).
Originals can move across chains and thus, from one game to another on the Cherry Chain where enabled.