Introduction to Cherry

What is Cherry?

💡 Cherry is a community of idealists and technologists organized within the Cherry Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and united with the aim to improve the ability of artists and creators to express their art freely. 🛠️ We seek to accomplish this mission by developing and expanding on innovative technological paradigms such as Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, and smart contracts.

Why Cherry?

🎨 We believe the ability to express art, no matter its content, is a necessary prerequisite for progress and prosperity. However, the legacy systems tend to censor and suppress art deemed "controversial" or "inconvenient." Emerging creators are abused and restricted with fees and high barriers of entry. 💥 As technologists we knew this didn't have to be the case. We took it upon ourselves to liberate artistic expression from the bondage of the past, for all of us, once and for all.

How can I get involved?

💬 Join the community on Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and our Governance forum. Reach out, share your insights and make new connections. An updated list of our social accounts can be found on our website. 🖥️ Are you a developer? Contribute to our open source projects. We plan to make all of the code available for anyone to review and contribute so we can make the Cherry Vision come true, together.
Last modified 7mo ago